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Science is a core subject and teaches children to ask questions about the world around them.

Science helps children to develop strategies and methods for finding out the answers to these questions. Children are then led to reflect on what they have found out.

Children have opportunities to find out about Science through a range of sources. These include first hand experience of experiments and using equipment safely. Children also use virtual experi-ments on school based websites. Children use iPad apps, the internet and books to research their projects.


At Handford Hall we teach science in half termly block called science weeks (first week of each half term).


Aims and Purpose of Science

Teaching offers opportunities to:

  • To develop an enquiring and investigative mind, asking how and why questions about the world around us.
  • To plan investigations and experiments to answer how and why questions.
  • To collect and record information from investigations in a safe and controlled way.
  • To reflect on the results found and question whether findings were what was expected.
  • To find ways of checking results.
  • To develop a scientific vocabulary.


The Early Learning Goals

Children will learn to:

  • Investigate objects and materials by using all of their senses as appropriate.
  • Find out about and identify some features of living things, objects and events they observe.
  • Look closely at similarities, differences and patterns and change.
  • Ask questions about why things happen and how things work.
  • Find out about and identify the uses of everyday technology and use information and communication technology and programmable toys to support learning.
  • Observe and find out about features of the natural world.


Useful websites:

Your guide to all that is new at the Science museum

A quiz to help the junior child prepare for the SATS as well as practise their topic knowledge


Our science coordinator is Miss J. Chisholm.