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The World's Worst Children 2 by David Walliams

Humbert the Hungry baby

Part 1
Humbert is born and his parents have a shock when the midwife says he is the size of a small hippopotamus!

Humbert the Hungry Baby Part 2

Humbert eats all the food in the larder but is still hungry.
Can you guess what he eats next?

Humbert the Hungry Baby part 3

Having eaten the cat, you will not believe what Humbert eats next.

Humbert the Hungry Baby part 4

Humbert chases after his father, eating everything he comes across. Will his father escape? Read on to find out how the story ends.

Stacey Superstar - Part 1

Stacey Clog wants to be famous. How will she achieve it?
Listen to the first part to find out

Stacey Superstar

Stacey goes for an audition for The Ego Factor

Stacey Superstar

After the CD gets stuck what will happen to Stacey?

Fussy Frankie

Fussy Frankie is really fussy. This means that he only likes certain things. He won't eat any fruit and vegetables. Find out what happens when Mum decides Fussy Frankie needs to start eating his 5 a day!

Fussy Frankie

Fussy Frankie doesn't want to eat the fruit and vegetables Mum gives him but he DOES want to eat the huge bar of chocolate. How can he eat the chocolate without having to taste the yucky food?