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Supporting Transition

As a school we are committed to working in partnership with children, families, professionals and other providers to ensure positive transitions occur. To ensure a smooth transition from class to class, teachers are given time to have transition meetings to discuss the needs of each child in the class and share One Page Profiles. Transition books are made for pupils with additional needs eg, autism. In addition to this children spend time with their new teacher as an opportunity to get to know each other. Furthermore, parents meetings are held at the beginning of each academic year to involve the parents and ensure they are aware of the support that we can provide them with as a school. Also, it creates an excellent opportunity for parents to ask questions and have discussions about specific pupil needs that may have arisen over the summer. If a child moves to another school it is the responsibility of the school SENCO to transfer any information and documentation about the child. In addition to this, if the child is moving to secondary school we have transition meetings with the school to discuss and handover the relevant information about a child. There are also opportunities for the child and parents to attend the school and look at how the provision will continue or alter in secondary school.