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Thursday 11.6.20

RWI Yellow group work - Thursday 11.6.20


  • Look at the phonics challenge words below.
  • Read the words using Fred Talk.
  • Choose 3 words to try to write using Fred Fingers.
  • Choose 3 words to write into sentences.
What's in the woods?

Continue to use the book ‘What’s in the woods?’



  • Re-read the book.


  • Try sounding out and spelling 3 green words from the book.

habitat       mushrooms         sunlight      brook         blooms       treetops


  • Write the following sentences correctly in your book.

You need to add 1 capital letter and change 3 spellings.


Mushrooms grow well wher it’s wet.  they do not need sunlit to gro. 


  • Say some sentences about what you can see in the woods.