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Thursday 14th May


OK, year 6, time to wake up your brains and start to shine up your performance! Below is a short set of questions - remember all the strategies you use, time yourself and aim for 100%! Answers will be given in a short video tomorrow - email me your answers AND the time it took you. Top 5 get a shout out in the video :)


On your marks, get set...




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Picture 1

The Highway man (original with poem)

A classic poem I was challenged with composing for this animation which i really sunk my teeth into, constructive feedback welcome

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Italy Project:


Task 5- The food and culture of Italy



  1. Is pizza really Italian?  Do they just eat pasta? Do they really talk with their mouths full?  This task asks you to investigate Italian food.  You can find out information HERE, HERE, and HERE                 
  2. Use what you have found out to create a menu for a typical Italian’s food consumption.  Remember to include timing for each meal too!  Try to make the menu visually attractive using appropriate borders and fonts etc.                                                                                                                                
  3. After this you need to find out what Italians like to do in their spare time- think about different age groups.  Use the information to write an activity guide for a teenager and an older adult.  You could start by looking HERE for some ideas of what else to look for on the net.