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Thursday 18th June


Maths Training

Let's Get Our Times Tables Speed Up!

Go onto TTRS and try to really push up your speed.  The more you practise, the quicker you will become!


Grammar Training

English Task 

Either read the story below or click on this link to listen to it: 


One Chance Outside, the evening was cold and wet. A squally wind howled, rattling the roof tiles and shaking the window frames of 13 Wager Road. Inside, shabby curtains were drawn, a humble fire crackled and a couple sat in silence. Jack stretched out on the tired couch with an amused smile, turning the page of his favourite novel. Sarah scowled, silently seething. She scanned the room, noticing the worn-out furniture, peeling paint and, in her opinion, a pointless, idle husband. She deserved so much more than this. Suddenly, the letterbox jangled and there was a solitary but decisive knock on the door. Hope, the Labrador, barked. Sarah pulled back the curtain and watched as a hooded figure slipped silently away up the road. Puzzled, she stared down at a golden card that had appeared, glinting on the frayed doormat. Tentatively, she gathered it up and read it out loud: 

Writing Task:  

What next? We’ve stopped at an interesting part of the story. Can you write a prediction for what might happen next using these sentence stems? 


I predict.... 

This is because... 

Furthermore I think...  


I don't think........ as......

IPC Topic - Geography


Task 4 - The Human Geography of Brazil


  • Find out some of the main industries in Brazil and make a list of them.  If you can, find out which areas of Brazil they are found in, and whether they are urban (city) or rural (country) areas.


Suggested websites:


  • Many Brazilians have moved from the rural north of the country to the urban south. There can be many push / pull reasons for this.

Make a table to show possible push and pull reasons for moving to an urban area.




Push factors

Pull factors

Lack of employment










More job opportunities



Suggested websites / video links: (lesson 3 Urbanisation)