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Thursday 25th June


1. Start by reading through the Learning Reminders. 

2. Tackle the questions on the Practice Sheet. There might be a choice of either Mild (easier) or Hot (harder)! Check the answers.


1. Read and learn a poem

  • Read the poem Revenge. Read it three times so you are really familiar with the words.
  • Now cover up the words. Can you say the poem using just the pictures at the bottom? If you can’t, look at the words and try again.


2. Remind yourself about poetry vocabulary

  • Read Poetry Vocabulary.
  • Now cut up the cards and turn them upside down. Play pairs, turning the cards and matching them.  


3. Perform a poem

  • Read Snow, Mrs Sprockett’s Strange Machine and The Moon.
  • Choose your favourite of these three poems.
  • Read Performance Questions. Think about your answers for your favourite poem and make notes about them.
  • Practise performing your poem until you are really confident.

Click to enlarge these!


Today we are thinking about our friends and how we can show our appreciation for our friends even when we can't meet up at the moment.  We will start our session by doing our Calm-ME-Time, so sit on a chair and ask a grown up to do this with you if you can.

Can you work out how many days it has been since lockdown was announced on March 23rd.   

Does this feel like a long time?

Everyone has been doing a really good job of keeping each other safe from the virus, but it has been hard for us not to see our friends. Friends are very important for all of us and having happy friendships helps our mental health too.

Why does friendship help us feel mentally OK?


Today you are going to be remembering what makes a good friend and thinking about how we can carry on being good friends to each other while we are still social distancing and not able to see each other at school. 

Why are friends important to you? What are your favourite things to do with your friends?