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Thursday 25th June


Maths Training

Let's Get Our Times Tables Speed Up!


Go on to TTRS Studio and try to really push up your speed.  The more you practise, the quicker you will become!


Grammar Training

Story Planning 

Now decide on what happens in your wishing story In my story, the wish arrived in the form of a lucky scratch card or golden ticket. Here are some objects that have been used in stories before:

Now plan your own wishing story Here is the underlying pattern of the story to help you plan a new version. Complete this story plan before you start writing tomorrow. 
Ideas Plan for your story

Main characters in a safe, homely setting:

one dreaming of a fortune or change


An object arrives with a ‘too good to

be true’ promise or wish


One character warns against, but the other

character ignores the warning and makes a

wish. Nothing happens. Yet!


Wish comes true but with

unforeseen consequences.


Character wants to use another wish to put

things right, but the object has disappeared.


IPC Topic


Task 6 – Food and Culture of Brazil


Carnivals are celebrated all over Brazil, but the most famous takes place in Rio de Janeiro. 

Make a leaflet or poster to show:


  • When it takes place and why
  • Where it takes place
  • What is involved
  • What food, dances, costumes etc are associated with carnival
  •  Include photos / pictures to show why it is such a big event


Suggested websites: