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Thursday 25th June

Welcome to Thursday Thinking 3/4K!


Maths: 30 minutes

English: 30 minutes


Reading: 20 minutes

PSHE : 20 minutes (Personal, Social, Health and Economic education)

Spelling: 15 minutes

Maths:mental warm-up

Now check your answers

Describing, naming and sorting 3D shapes: Learning reminders

Now sort these 3D shapes in the Carroll diagrams

3D shape challenge - remember to check your answers and ask if you don't understand.

English: Today we will listen to another story by Anthony Browne called 'Voices in the Park'

Voices in the Park by Anthony Browne, read by Ruth Merttens | Storytelling from Hamilton Trust

Did you enjoy 'Voices in the Park'?

How did the illustrations help your understanding of the story?

I found the illustrations...

What moods  are Charles’s Mum and Smudge’s Dad in?

Charles's Mum and Smudge's  Dad were .....
Why you think they are feeling like this?

I think they are feeling like this because...

Now remind yourself about past and present tense verbs

Read this extract from 'Voices in the Park'. Highlight the simple past tense verbs and circle and correct the errors (present tense verbs). Remember to check your answers.

PSHE - Anticipation

Today we are thinking about anticipation. This means excitement about something that is going to happen in the near future or a feeling of preparing for something to happen.


First we are going to relax our bodies and minds in our Calm-ME-Time.

Sit on a chair and ask a grown-up to do this with you.

Calm- ME- Time

We can think of anticipation as 'looking forward' to something you want to happen.

What are you looking forward to most when you return to school?  Seeing your friends? Learning new things? Being in a new class?

                                         Make a list of these things you are looking forward to.


When we look forward to something, it can help us feel positive – we can feel excited and hopeful; and sometimes those positive feelings can help keep us going us during difficult experiences.

There are lots of ways to practise being positive such as :-

  • Saying  well done to yourself when you do something that you’re proud of.
  • Write or draw one thing that makes you smile every day.
  • Remind yourself of something you are looking forward to and why.
  • Look at both sides of a situation: you might feel disappointed that you didn’t have the birthday party you planned… but it was still fun, and you will always remember it because it was so different.


Now create or draw a picture of yourself with a speech bubble. Inside the speech bubble write how you can make the most of your learning and how you can bring positivity to your learning.