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Thursday 2nd July

Maths-Use negative numbers in context of temperature

1. Start by carefully reading through the Learning Reminders.


2. Tackle the questions on the Practice Sheet. There might be a choice of either Mild (easier) or Hot (harder)! Check the answers.

Learning reminders



1. Read an insult poem

  • Read the poem, You. Read it in your head and then out loud. (Read it quietly out loud, you don’t want anyone to think you’re saying it about them!)
  • What did you like about the poem? Did it remind you of anything else that you have read or seen? Which is your favourite line? Why is it called an insult poem?


2. Investigate vocabulary

  • Read Vocabulary for Villains. Underline unusual vocabulary.
  • Choose five words that you think are most interesting or which you are least sure about. Find out their meaning. You could use a book dictionary or this website:  

  • Write sentences that use these words.


3.  Learn a poem by heart

  • Read I’m Telling You.
  • Practise learning this poem off by heart. You could use Top Tips for Learning a Poem by Heart to help you.  



Sit comfortably on a chair with your feet on the floor. Try to get a grown-up to do this with you if you can. Ready to relax? Ready to learn?


Today we are going to explore our feelings and worries and recognise my difficult feelings and learn some ways to manage them better.


Every day we all experience a range of feelings  – and we know that some will help us feel good/happy and others might be

difficult to manage or don’t like to feel.

There may be some in between. It is OK to feel whatever feelings come up inside you.

Every feeling is telling us something, so if we listen to our feelings we will be able to manage them better.

Can you think of a range of feelings (good and bad) and create emojis for these feelings?



Hopefully you are the first to find me and will gain points for your team.  Send you name, House colour and class to:


Don't forget to look again Tuesday.  Where do you think I will hide this time?

Let me learn:

It is a natural response to feel worried or afraid in a situation that is unfamiliar or sad; and that it is OK to feel a range of different feelings. The Coronavirus pandemic has been unfamiliar and may have been difficult. The lockdown may have brought out feelings that were not easy to manage.

Often, when we are caught up in our difficult feelings, it can be tricky to think of what we can do to help ourselves feel better in that moment.


Task: Draw a traffic light


  • Next to the green light  write something you will start to do to help you manage difficult feelings
  • Next to the amber light write something you may continue to do to help you manage difficult feelings
  • Next to the red light write something you will stop doing as it makes difficult feelings worse