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Thursday 2nd July


Maths Training

Let's Get Our Times Tables Speed Up!


Go on to TTRS Studio and try to really push up your speed.  The more you practise, the quicker you will become!


Grammar Training - Could you have any other contraction in the first sentence? Let me know!

Wizard Words 

★ Let’s have some fun with words ★

To cast a spell, you need wizard words. Take a look at these: 

‘Explode-ium’ ‘Farm-ius’ ‘Shade-iorum’ ‘Pen-iosa’ ‘Sprint-lorus’ 

These are everyday words turned into wizard words by adding a ‘spell’ ending. 

You say the endings like this:

How it is spelt: How you say it: 
-ium ee-um
-ius ee-us
-iorum ee-or-um
-iosa ee-oh-sa
-lorus law-us


Your challenge is: 

★ Choose an everyday word  

★ Choose a spell word ending 

★Write it in a table below and say your new words aloud   


Every day word Spell ending New word
explore -ium explorium 


Challenge: Now write some spells! Put THREE wizard words together. Don't forget to separate them with a comma to make a list. This creates your spell. Now practise saying your spells aloud. We always say the third word the loudest, so end with an exclamation mark to show this. For example: 


Farm-ius, Shade-iorum, EXPLODE-IUM!

IPC Topic


Task 8 – Everyday Life and Customs of Brazil


  • Find out how day to day life differs between the UK and Brazil. 
  • Find out about some common Brazilian customs. 
  • Use the information to create a table to compare the UK and Brazil.

Suggested websites



  • Decide whether you would rather live in the capital city Rio de Janeiro or the coastal city of Salvador. 
  • Compare the benefits/drawbacks of each and then conclude by saying which you would prefer and why