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Thursday 2nd July


Good morning 3/4K and welcome to Thrilling Thursday!


Suggested timetable for today: 

Maths: 30 minutes

English: 30 minutes


Reading: 20 minutes

PSHE : 20 minutes (Personal, Social, Health and Economic education)

Spelling: 15 minutes

Maths : use your table facts and doubling to complete these

Calendar Capers. Read these learning reminders

Now follow the instructions to do your own investigation. What did you find out? Are the answers for all the months the same?

English: Today we listen to and follow the second part of the story of Icarus. Then we compare the other versions that we have looked at this week.

Still image for this video

Do you think Icarus was a fool and got all he deserved? How much do you agree with this statement? How much do you disagree with this statement? Overall do you feel what happened to Icarus was his own fault or Daedalus’s fault?

Using the chart below, say one thing about each version of the story of Icarus that you either very much liked or very much disliked. This must be a different thing for each version.

PSHE : Gifts of Gratitude

We will start our lesson with our Calm ME Time, so sit on a chair and try to ask an adult to do this with you if you can.
Feeling relaxed and ready for learning?


Today we are exploring some ways to show appreciation for ourselves and others and to recognise our feelings of gratitude and appreciation.


There are many ways to show appreciation and let people know you are grateful.

What does ‘grateful’ mean?

What does it feel like to feel grateful?

What are you grateful for?



Now watch this clip of 'Clap for our carers': Britons again show gratitude to NHS heroes

The Clap For Our Carers campaign once again brought the nation together on Thursday night. In a single act of solidarity with frontline workers, Britons took...


Now make a 'Thank You' card for someone that you are grateful for.


Thank you...


Remember to give your card to the person you are grateful for.