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Thursday-30th April


1. Start by reading through the Learning Reminders.  They will help you on the harder questions.

2. Tackle the questions on the Practice Sheet. There might be a choice of either Mild (easier) or Hot (harder)! Check the answers.

Learning reminders-Click to enlarge

Learning reminders-Click to enlarge 1
Learning reminders-Click to enlarge 2

Shape drawing activity


1. Read a set of poems

• Read the four nature poems: The Garden Year; First Primrose; Colouring In; Autumn Fires.

• Choose your favourite of these poems. Why do you like it?


2. Answer questions about your favourite poem

• Use Poetry Questions and think about your favourite poem.

• Read each of the sets of questions, think about your answer and then carefully write it down.


3. Practise reading your favourite poem out loud

• Read the Top tips for reading a poem aloud.

• Practise reading your poem out loud and then share your reading with somebody else.

Poems to read- Click to enlarge

Poems to read- Click to enlarge 1
Poems to read- Click to enlarge 2
Poems to read- Click to enlarge 3
Poems to read- Click to enlarge 4

Poetry questions


Building on our start yesterday, we talked about what does treasure mean to you. Does it have to be gold buried in the sand? Or can it be something more personal and precious?


Today I would like you to draw your treasure and write a paragraph or two to explain why this item is special to you. You can see an example of mine below. Maisy can you write a second paragraph please.


'My treasure is Bagrilla (see below). He was given to me when I was a very young child. He looks quite grumpy but looks can be deceiving as he was always a comfort to me whenever I felt scared or alone. Even though I had many toys when I was younger and have since grown out of them and given them to someone who will play with them more (like Andy from toy story 3) I have always kept Bagrilla and always will. He is my treasure.

Fun fact- he is named Bagrilla because I could pronounce Gorilla as a child. 

(Pronounced Buh-grill-ah).

Bagrilla-My treasure

Bagrilla-My treasure 1