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Thursday 7th May


Maths Training

Maths Training 1
Today's activity is to play 10 Times Table Rock Stars Studio Games.  Let's aim for Rock Heroes!
Picture 1

Grammar Training

Grammar Training 1
Yesterday you wrote your own superhero poems. I would love to see some of them. If you would like to share them email them to you could also read them out and ask an adult to video record you reading it.     

Your task today is write a description of your superhero's villain.  Their absolute arch enemy!!!

-Who is your superhero afraid of? 

-Why are they afraid of this superhero? 

- What do they look like? 

- Do they have any special powers?  

- How will your superhero defeat them?    


You could then create a comic strip of your superhero and your villain. 


Have a look at this comic strip for a famous superhero. Could you create your own?

Have a look at this comic strip for a famous superhero. Could you create your own?  1

Tomorrow is VE Day. Known as victory in Europe day. It is a special day tomorrow where people are celebrating 75 years since the end of World War Two.  

Music was very popular in during WW2.  

Dame Vera Lynn was a very influential singer during this time. Listen to the song below. Can you identify the differences in the music in in the past to now? 

The song below is being re-released to celebrate this special day tomorrow. Can you learn the actions and also have a go at learning to sing it? 

'We'll Meet Again' by Dame Vera Lynn (BSL signed)

Dame Vera Lynn was hugely influential in boosting morale during WW2 and as we approach the 75th Anniversary of VE Day - 8 May 1945/2020, at 103 years old in ...