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Training Opportunities

Training available at Handford Hall in 2019/20


EAL course - see details below:

Other training opportunities available at Handford Hall:

Lesson Study training for schools:


Taking part in collaborative enquiries into improving teaching and learning is the single most impactful action a school leader can take to improve educational outcomes for pupils. 

Robinson et all 2009


Lesson Study provides the opportunity for groups of teachers to work collaboratively to develop and improve practice through planning, teaching, observing and reflecting on research lessons within structured cycle. This ongoing blended approach to professional development is highly effective for all teachers in any stage of their career.


We offer two levels of service: Standard and Standard Plus.



  • a staff training session (1 hour)
  • advisor/key paractitioner support session (1 hour)
  • support one cycle of Lesson Study for one group (4 X 1/2 day)
  • an end of year evaluation session (1 hour)


Cost: £ 500


Standard Plus:

  • a staff training session (1 hour)
  • advisor/key practitioner support session (1 hour)
  • support for two cycles of Lesson Study for two groups (8 x 1/2 day)
  • an end of year evaluation session (1 hour)
  • an analysis session (1 hour)


Cost: £ 850