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Tuesday's Phonic Activities

Tuesday's Phonic Activities 1
Tuesday's Phonic Activities 2
Tuesday's Phonic Activities 3
Tuesday's Phonic Activities 4

Read, Write Inc:


Click on the link below to find your daily speed sound and spelling lessons.









L.O: To answer questions about the days of the week.


Let's revise the days of the week again!

Days of the Week Sing-along Song

A sing-along to teach the days of the week (lyrics below). purchase this song on iTunes: Watch another days of the week song! https://yo...

Now turn to page 8 in your Maths Measurement activity booklet to the Days of the week activity. It is a game to play with your adult or brothers or sisters. Cut out the cards and put them in two piles face down. Take it in turns to pick a card from each pile and answer the question. If your cards match, (e.g. it is a weekday and Wednesday) then you score a point!

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Choose one activity a day.

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