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Tuesday 16th June


Maths Training

Maths Training 1

Today, we are looking at multiples and factors of numbers.


To recap:

A multiple is a number that can be divided by another number without a remainder.

E.g.  Multiples of 2 - 2,4,6,8 ...


A factor is a number that will divide into another number without a remainder.

E.g. Factors of 12 - 1, 12, 2, 6, 3, 4 


Have a go at Chilli Challenge 1.  When you feel confident (you don't need to complete it all) move onto Chilli Challenge 2 or 3 (or maybe even have a go at both).

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

How did you get on with Chilli Challenge 1? For Chilli Challenge 2 and 3, send in your thinking!

How did you get on with Chilli Challenge 1?  For Chilli Challenge 2 and 3, send in your thinking! 1

Grammar Training

Grammar Training 1
Grammar Training 2


Do you remember how, in Snow White, the wicked Queen used a mirror that always told the truth? This poem is about what happens when different characters look into a mirror that shows what you wish for. Make a list of people who might look into the wishing mirror and think about what they would wish to see. Pie decided to write about – a teacher, a sailor, a superhero, an astronaut, a pirate, a dragon hunter and a writer.

A Mirror of Wishes

A Mirror of Wishes 1

As you can see, he has written each idea using the same pattern, based on two lines. 

Copy his pattern but use your own characters and ideas about what they might wish for. 


You could use the same characters but have different wishes 

A teacher looked into the mirror

And saw children happy and smiling 


A sailor looked into the mirror 

And saw other ships sailing off into the distance  


Batman looked into the mirror ...

A Dragon Hunter looked into the mirror ...

A Pirate looked into the mirror ...

A Writer looked into the mirror ... 


Or your can choose 6 of your own characters

IPC Topic - Geography


Task 3 - The Physical Geography of Brazil

Brazil is known for its rainforests.  The largest and most famous rainforest is the Amazon Rainforest.

Create a fact file about the Physical Geography of the Amazon Rainforest.

Include information about:

  • The size of the rainforest
  • Annual rainfall
  • Average temperature
  • Habitats
  • Animals, insects, trees and plants
  • Indigenous people
  • How deforestation has affected the size of the Amazon


Here are some relevant web links, but you can also find your own sites:,it%20rains%2090%20days%20annually