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Tuesday 21st April


Tuesday Maths Training

Tuesday Maths Training 1

How did you get on with your addition and subtraction problems yesterday?  

Click on the link below to see the answers 


Tuesday: Using Adverbs (when) and verb (-ing) openers  


Adverb - When?  

By 7 o'clock, they were all exhausted even though they had not done anything all day

How many of these adverbs can you use to start a sentence? Can you use any of your own?

afterwards immediately  last month     yesterday       soon
today next year  in the morning  after a while before long 
all of a sudden just then  eventually in the blink of an eye next year      

Don't forget your comma!  

Verb - words ending in ing 

Skipping downstairs, Fred called to his mother and asked when breakfast was ready. 

You will need to add additional words to the phrase to make sure it makes sense. I have done the first 5 for you. 

running like the wind  screaming in pain  tiptoeing down the path treading carefully gazing out of the window
questioning her reasons for being here advancing...   clambering...  stopping... hearing...
wondering.... calling... dreaming.... sprinting...  yelling...