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Tuesday-23rd June

English- 30 minutes 

Maths- 30 minutes 


Reading- 20 minutes 

PSHE- 30 minutes

Tuesday English- List Poems


List poems
Yesterday we have had some fun making a list of things we like doing during lockdown.

Today I’d like to introduce you to the Japanese poet Sei Shonagon. She wrote list poems. Lists are a great way to write as you can have a long list or a short list. Sei wrote hundreds of lists about shiny things, soft things, hard things, worries, things that make her annoyed, sad things, things that worried her and so on.
Since lockdown started, Pie Corbett has been doing a show called RadioBlogging every day (you can listen to it on He asked children on RadioBlogging to make lists of secret, special and delicate things. Here is a list of twelve things. Sort them into two groups – delicate and strong and list them.
leaf     skeleton      lace      butterfly wing      spider’s leg       eyeball     fishing line       bubble    snowflake     dried seaweed     cat’s tail      snake skin     cloud    rainbow    electricity    elastic band


          Delicate things                               Strong things



Delicate things are frail, fragile and easily broken. What would be your list of delicate things? Listing ideas and words is often a good way to start writing. Gather lots of ideas quickly. You won’t use all the ideas when you write. Jot them down in your book.  

Now choose your special ideas. Choose things that only you know about. Look around the room that you are in. Look out of the window. Look into your mind to places that you know well. Try to spot small, delicate things. Make each idea different and choose your words carefully.


You can read and  listen to these 3 poems


These are my 6 delicate things:

My cat’s whiskers

The peacock feather tucked into the mirror

The old dusty books

The echo of my cat’s meow

The shadow of the see-through table in the sun

The white grass on a frosty morning                                      By Hannah

These are my 6 delicate things:                                                                               - the touch of my pheasant feather                                                                    - the shoots from my cornflower plant

    – my mum’s soft orange scarf

     – the water in a flowing stream

       – a cracked egg shell

      – my breath when I exhale                                                      By Hector


These are my 7 delicate things:

The warm cookies in the oven

The flickering flames of the silent candle

The small slither of sun on the wall

The warm feeling when you drink hot drinks

The pages of a book as they feebly blow in the wind

The line between the horizon and the empty sky

The sweet sound of animals rustling in the bushes                              By Lila


Now write your own list poems about your delicate things following these writing tips;

  • Choose things to write about that only you may have seen or noticed or thought about. That way, your list of ideas will be a special way of capturing your life.
  • Try to avoid the temptation of borrowing other people’s ideas. To get ideas, look around where you are, look out of the window and then look inside your head at places you know well. There will be hundreds of things to notice.
  • Select your choice then make each one special by choosing your words to describe them with care.

Click on the speakers to listen to all the information about this lesson.

Picture 1

PSHE- Friendships...

PSHE- Friendships... 1


Today we are thinking about our friends and how we can show our appreciation for our friends even when we can't meet up at the moment.  We will start our session by doing our Calm-ME-Time, so sit on a chair and ask a grown up to do this with you if you can.

Calm Me Session 3- Friendships

Can you work out how many days it has been since lockdown was announced on March 23rd.   

Does this feel like a long time?

Everyone has been doing a really good job of keeping each other safe from the virus, but it has been hard for us not to see our friends. Friends are very important for all of us and having happy friendships helps our mental health too.

Why does friendship help us feel mentally OK?


Today you are going to be remembering what makes a good friend and thinking about how we can carry on being good friends to each other while we are still social distancing and not able to see each other at school. 

Why are friends important to you? What are your favourite things to do with your friends?

Why are friends important to you? What are your favourite things to do with your friends? 1

Tell me...

  • Make a list of what makes a good friend.
  • You could write a letter to one of your friends explaining what they have been up to during lockdown. 
  • You can keep your letter to give to your friend after lockdown or email to our class page and I will share it on our class page.