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Tuesday 2nd June


Maths Training

Today, we have Chilli Challenge 1, Chilli Challenge 2&3 and a Super Chilli Challenge for those who want to make it hot and spicy!

Welcome back!

Choose your Chilli Challenge!

How did you get on?


Grammar Training

Yesterday you watched the video of Laura who recorded a message to herself in six months time.  (If you didn't get chance to watch it click here


Today you are going to plan your own message. 

What would you say to yourself in six months time? Try to write down between 6-9 ideas.  

 - What might you jokingly say sorry for? 

- What advice might you give? 

- What might you ask about in particular? 

 - Who might you ask about?  


Here are some of my ideas.

 -I would say sorry for not looking after the plants in the garden and forgetting to water them.  

- I would tell people to look after themselves and their family as they are very important 

- I would ask if all me friends and family are ok and that all the children I teach are ok. 

- I would also what exciting things other people have been doing in lockdown. 


La maison – The house


Watch the video which tells you the names of some rooms in French.

Read the vocabulary and the English translation





la cuisine

la salle à manger

la chambre

le garage

le jardin

les toilettes

la salle de bain

le salon

la salle de jeux

le hall

le grenier

la cave

the kitchen

the dining room

the bedroom

the garage

the garden

the toilet

the bathroom

the living room

the playroom

the hall

the attic / loft

the cellar / basement