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Tuesday 30.6.20




What to do today


IMPORTANT Parent or Carer – Read this page with your child and check that you are happy with what they have to do and any weblinks or use of internet. 




1. Read a restricted word explanation

  • Read the captions on Up Goer Five:

  • The author challenged himself to write an explanation using only the thousand most common words in English. How well does it work as an explanation? Which sentence do you think is cleverest? Which do you think sounds the strangest?


2. Explore two more explanations

  • Watch How the Apollo Spacecraft Works: Part 1

What three things stand out to you most?

  • Explore this explanatory diagram. You have to zoom in a LOT!

Use it to find out how the Command module worked – in the top right hand corner of the diagram. 


3.  Answer questions from an explanation

  • Read Saturn V Stages and answer Questions 1 and 2.


Saturn V Stages – Questions 1


1. What height was the first stage?


2. What adjective did the writer use to describe its size?


3. What other adjectives could he have used?


4. How heavy was the first stage when it was filled with propellant?


5. What do you think propellant is?


6. How many vans could fit inside the first stage’s tanks?


7. How long did the first stage stay with the rocket?


8. What sort of fuel did the first stage use?


9. How hot was the explosion of fuel in the first stage?




Saturn V Stages – Questions 2


1. Read Saturn V Stages.


2. What organisational devices has the writer used? Why have these been used?


3. Make a list of the most powerful verbs used in this writing. What overall mood do they create?


4. Make a table like this to show how the writer uses adjectives, comparisons and measurements.






Height of a 10-story building

38 miles in just 2.5 minutes


5. Why do you think the writer uses adjectives, comparisons and measurements? Choose two of these. Explain why each one is important and particularly effective.


6. Look at Explanation Features. Which of these features can you find in this text? Annotate the text to show these features.


IPC Topic


Task 7 – Food and Culture of Brazil

Famous People

  • Make a list of between 5 and 10 famous people from Brazil, showing what they are famous for.
  • Choose one and make a factfile about their life and success.


​​​​​​​Suggested websites: