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Tuesday 7th July






What to do today


IMPORTANT Parent or Carer – Read this page with your child and check that you are happy with what they have to do and any weblinks or use of internet. 



1. Listen to a story

  • Listen to the Reading of the second part of Way Home, start the video at 6.14, where you ended it yesterday
  • Did the story end as you predicted? What could happen in a sequel to the story?


2. Revise informal language

  • Use the PowerPoint on informal language or, if this is not possible, remind yourself using the Revision Card about this.  
  • Complete Formal and Informal.


3.  Now for some writing

  • Read Through the Windows. This is what Shane says to the cat as they look through the three sets of windows in the book.  
  • Look at Windows. Pick one window and imagine what Shane would say to the cat about it. Write 2 or 3 sentences of speech, making sure that you keep to Shane’s informal style.

Formal and Informal

Annotate these sentences to show any informal features. Rewrite them in a formal style.

(Informal features: vocabulary, question tags, contractions, slang, ellipsis)


“Whaddo you reckon, Catlegs?”   


“Take a look at that Fatcat, will you?”


“You’n me together.”


“Act kinda cool. Cool, right. That’s us.”


“Uh, oh, they’re coming. Gotta get out of here. Away from them.”


“You and me in a Jag. Vroom vroom.”


“We gotta go down right now.”


“But we got each other, right?”

Through the windows


The other cat

“Take a look at that Fatcat will you? I’m telling you that cat’s a loser. Eats fancy mince, no kidding. Heaps of it. Right there at the window. Disgusting. And get that collar. What a joke!”


Car showroom

“You can come out now Whiskettes.

No worries. Hey, just take a look.

Vroom vroom. You and me in a Jag. Vroom vroom.

Huh, but they’ve only got red…and we want green.”


Chinese restaurant

“See they cook stuff right on the table in front of you.

Stacks of meat and things.

But don’t get ideas, Hungry.

No pets allowed, places like this.”

IPC Topic

Asia WebQuest


 This term you have undertaken WebQuests into Italy (Europe) and Brazil (South America).  For the final WebQuest this term, our focus continent is Asia.


  • Choose a country in Asia that you are going to find out more about.
  • Research and produce a detailed mind map / fact file / leaflet about your chosen country.


Include details about:

  • Physical Geography (map, capital city, rivers, mountains, climate)
  • Human Geography (industries)
  • Food and Culture (traditional food, festivals, famous people)
  • Customs in that country (everyday life)


This is the last week for our topic work so use your Tuesday and Thursday IPC sessions to complete this task.