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Tuesday 7th July


1. Start by reading through the Learning Reminders.

2. Tackle the questions on the Practice Sheet. There might be a choice of either Mild (easier) or Hot (harder)! Check the answers.

Learning reminders-Click to enlarge


1. Listen to a story

  • Listen to Silly Billy by Anthony Browne, read by Ruth Merttens. See below.
  • What do you like about this story? Did it remind you of anyone or anything? What would you ask Billy if you met him? What would you ask his grandmother?


2. Write a set of instructions

  • Read Worry Doll Instructions.
  • Highlight the imperative (bossy) verbs in this writing.
  • Re-write the instructions into a numbered list, so that they are clearer.
  • It might help you to watch the video:See below.



3.  Write about worries

  • Complete the table about Billy Worries.
  • Write a letter to the worry-dolls explaining your own worries.  

Silly Billy by Anthony Browne, read by Ruth Merttens | Storytelling from Hamilton Trust

Ruth Merttens reads 'Silly Billy' Anthony Browne. Billy used to worry. A lot! Find out how he overcame his worries. Hamilton are providing free packs for Eng...

How to make Guatemalan Worry Dolls.

Subscribe if you're new! Music:

Les pays du monde – Countries of the world (2)


Read the sentences for how to say you do or don’t speak a particular language:



Je parle anglais.


I speak English.

Je parle français.


I speak French.

Je ne parle pas anglais.


I don’t speak English.

Je ne parle pas français.


I don’t speak French.

Je parle anglais et français.


I speak English and French.



Words for languages in French do not begin with a capital.

Words for languages in English do begin with a capital.


  • Tap on the recording below and you can also listen to the sentences in French.




  • Look at the pictures below.
  • Choose the sentence you think fits each person best.
  • Draw the person and write the sentence in the speech bubble.