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Tuesday- 9th June

Good morning 3S! Today, I would like you to try your best to focus. Don't rush your work, have a break when you need it and get your work done.

Remember to send your work to


English-30 minutes

Maths- 30 minutes

Reading- 20 minutes

Spellings- 10 minutes

Topic- 30 minutes



Tuesday- Punctuating speech

Questions 1-4

  • Underline the words that characters are saying.
  • Where you think the speech marks should go?


Questions 5-11

  • Read the sentence.
  • Use speech marks and add a reporting clause. 
  • Think about who is saying it? Charlie or his friends? 
  • Use other verbs other than said.


Picture 1

Today in Maths we are learning to round to the nearest 10 or 100.

  • Watch the video
  • Read the learning reminders.
  • Have a go at worksheet 1 and challenge sheet. 

Round Up And Down To The Nearest 10 Or 100 | Math | Grade 3 | Kids Academy

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Picture 2

Worksheet 1 and Challenge worksheet

Worksheet 1 and Challenge worksheet 1
Worksheet 1 and Challenge worksheet 2

The Vikings - In a nutshell

Picture 1