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Here you can find some of our favourite videos that we have used and watched over the past few months.


(Parents- we use the '3 is the magic number' song to tidy up and time ourselves- so feel free to use this!)

3 Is A Magic Number

Time to tidy up! 3 minutes...Go!

2 min Breathe Bubble | Breathe Exercises - Sea - Think Nothing Exercise I Breathe In Calm App

My amazing class. If you find yourself needing a moment to switch off and relax a little, use this video to help with your breathing excercises. Follow the instruction on the screen and remember, its a moment just for you, to relax and feel calm.

The Water Cycle | The Dr. Binocs Show | Learn Videos For Kids

The water cycle

The Princess And The Pea retold by Rachel Isadora

In the story The Princess And The Pea retold by Rachel Isadora the reader is introduced to a prince who sets out to find a princess to marry, he soon discove...

Mucky Moose

My favourite story growing up...Mucky Moose