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Wednesday's Phonic Activities

Read, Write Inc:


Click on the link below to find your daily speed sound and spelling lessons.








L.O: To recognise and use language relating to the months of the year.


Let’s start by reviewing the months of the year with one of our Maths songs!

Months Of The Year Song | Months of the Year Line Dance | 12 Months | Jack Hartmann

Get ready to sing, dance and learn the months of the year. This is a fun country rock line dance months of the year song. Your children can follow my country...

I have set you some activities to do on Education City. The first activity is a learn screen that will revise the months of the year with you. When you have watched the learn screen, you can access the main activity.

I shall be checking to see who has done it!

Good luck!








Choose one activity a day.