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Wednesday 22nd April

Wednesday Maths Training

Wednesday Maths Training 1

Let's have a play around with Roman Numerals.  Think order of size at all times and then work systematically.

Good luck!

Roman Numerals

Roman Numerals 1
Roman Numerals 2
Roman Numerals 3

How did you get on?

How did you get on?  1
How did you get on?  2

Wednesday:  verb (-ed) openers and similes   

Verb - words ending in ed 

Amazed and exhausted, they reached the top of the mountain


annoyed confused frightened horrified puzzled
shocked terrified  excited relieved pleased
surprised relaxed amazed excited  angered



Like a fish, she dived in. 


like a lion like an angry bear cool as ice like a stream train as quick as 
as quiet as  excited like a jumping bean like a slippery eel  as loud as  as slow as