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Wednesday 24th June

Maths-Find the perimeter of rectangles

1. Start by carefully reading through the Learning Reminders.


2. Tackle the questions on the Practice Sheet. There might be a choice of either Mild (easier) or Hot (harder)! Check the answers.

Learning reflections-Click to enlarge


1. Look carefully at an illustration

  • Look at the picture of the Procession.
  • What is happening in the story in this picture? What has happened just before? What could happen next? (You could use your Story Summary from Day 1 to remind you).
  • Listen to the music that goes with this part of the story-Video below.
  • Close your eyes as you listen to the music and try to picture the characters, how they are moving, what they might be feeling and what they could be saying.


2. Imagine a new ending for the story

  • Complete New Ending. Imagine what will happen when the procession arrives at the zoo.


3.  Now for some writing

  • Write your new ending to the story. Include some direct speech. Use the Revision Card to remind you about using a new line for a new speaker.

Peter and the Wolf, Op. 67 (Remastered) : The Procession to the Zoo


Every Wednesday and Thursday instead of topic work we will be thinking and exploring ways to keep our minds and bodies healthy. This is really important as so many of the things we normally do have changed over the last few weeks since we have not been at school. The lesson will be in three short parts;

  1. Calm me session
  2. Tell me
  3. Let me learn

We will start every session we have will start with a ‘calm me’ section  This is a time to be mindful and calm and therefore ready to learn and be relaxed. Sit on a chair with your feet on the floor. Try to do this with a grown-up and listen to the instructions I have recorded for you. Does your mind feel calm now and ready to learn?

Calm me session 2 -Feeling safe

Tell me and let me learn session

If you listen to this audio clip, you will hear the instructions of what to do!

Tell me:

Sometimes our bodies need a bit of help to feel safe and there are lots of ways we can do this. Today, we are going to learn how to do things that help us feel safe. Our brain controls everything in the body, including something called the vagus nerve. The vagus nerve is directly connected to the brain: it is a very long nerve and helps to control

things like heart rate, sweating, digesting and blood pressure. It is part of a system that helps the body calm down and feel safe. You are are going to come up with ways to help soothe your vagus nerve, which will help you feel safe.


Let me learn:

Write the 5 senses down the page and against each one record ways that each can help them feel calm and safe.

Some examples could be:

- Smelling lavender or another calming scent; deep breathing exercises

- Listening to relaxing music, a meditation, or writing their own Calm Me script, singing

- Stroking a pet or cuddling a soft toy; doing their own hand or foot massage; dancing

- Eating something delicious

- Looking at photos, videos or pictures that help them feel better