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Wednesday 29/04/20


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Today's Maths activity is to complete 10 Times Table Rockstars Studio Games. Can you beat Miss Worley's time?



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There is, of course, no pressure to beat her time. Although if you do, there may be fewer press-ups on the field when we return...


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Italy Project



The physical Geography of Italy


Task 2: Use the outline map of Italy, printed if possible or just copied out carefully, show where the following places/features are found:-

    1. The capital city (and name it)
    2. Two mountain ranges (and name them)
    3. Two volcanoes (and name them)
    4. Where cooler wetter weather is found
    5. Where hotter drier weather is found
    6. A sparsely populated region (and reasons why)
    7. A densely populated region (and reasons why)


Italy has a number of volcanoes- some more active than others.  Find out the heights of the three biggest ones HERE.  Which three Italian volcanoes have erupted most recently? When were the eruptions?

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