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Read, Write Inc:


Click on the link below to find your daily speed sound and spelling lessons.

Wednesday Phonic Activities








L.O: To be able to tell the time to half past the hour.


Let’s see how much we can remember from yesterday about telling the time to the hour and half past the hour...


Turn to pages 11 and 12 in your Maths Measurement activity booklet to the other ‘What’s the Time Mr Wolf? (2)  (3)’ activity sheets. Remember, when the minute (long) hand is pointing at the 12, the time is an ‘o’clock’ time, and when the minute hand is pointing at the 6, the time is a ‘half past’ time.









Choose one activity a day.

Five Oceans Song

A song to help kids learn the 5 oceans in order from largest to smallest. Subscribe! ➜ NEW REWARD...