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Wednesday 3rd June


Maths Training

Let's Get Our Times Tables Speed Up!

Go onto TTRS and try to really push up your speed.  The more you practise the quicker you will become. 


Grammar Training

English Task 

Today we are going to begin to think about emotions.  

Have a look at the collection of emotion words below. 

1st: Check that you can read them all.  

 - 2nd: Find the meaning of about 3 to 5 words that you do not know. You could use a dictionary or click on the link to use an online dictionary. 

Emotion Words 

admiring, adoring, anxious, apologetic, appalled, appreciative, ashamed, attached, attentive, awful, awkward, baffled, bashful, befuddled, buoyant, careful, chaotic, chastened, cheerful, cheerless, defeated, defensive, dejected, delighted, distressed, doting, down, downhearted, dry, ecstatic, elated, embarrassed, fearful, fed-up, feeble, fidgety, fine, finished, flawed, flustered, gratified, grim, grouchy, guilty, horrified, hostile, humble, humiliated, ill-tempered, impatient, imperfect, incapable, insignificant, insulated, jovial, judged, jumpy, keen, kind, kind-hearted, lacking, left-out, leftover, let-down, light-hearted, meek, melancholy, merry, miffed, miserable, moody, neglected, nervous, offended, outcast, outraged, overjoyed, overwhelmed, panicky, passionate, rattled, ratty, reeling, regretful, rejected, ruined, satisfied, scared, serene, shaky, shamed, sheepish, shocked, shy, sympathetic, taken-aback, tearful, tender, tense, terrified, terror-stricken, trusting, uncertain, uncomfortable, vibrant, warm-hearted, watchful, weepy, wired, wishful, withdrawn, woeful, worried, worthless, wrecked, yielding, zealous.


Your next task is you are going to write and perform your own message to yourself 

- Choose some of your ideas from yesterday 

 - Practise speaking them out loud  

- Then write a script to use 

- Perform your script. You could ask your adult to make a recording of you for you to watch in six months' time.  


My Idea: 

Hello me in six months time. Firstly sorry I haven't done all the things I said I would during lock down. I have surprisingly been quite busy. I'm proud of the fact that I have now perfected my flapjack recipe. I reckon in six months time I would've also learnt to bake different treats. How are you? When I made this message for you I was feeling sad that I wasn't able to see my friends. I hope everyone in the family is ok? 

IPC Topic

Brazil WebQuest



Over the next few sessions you are going to be undertaking a WebQuest into Brazil.  By the end of the WebQuest you should know more about these areas:

  • Physical Geography 
  • Human Geography 
  • Food and Culture 
  • Brazilian Customs


You can work at your own pace through the work set and in the end you should have produced a booklet or a range of work to keep together.


There are extension tasks if you complete the standard tasks - as always :)


Task 1- Setting the Scene


  • Design a front cover for your project- you could include typical images of Brazil as well as maps, diagrams, photos, famous buildings, landmarks, sports teams, food etc. Use your imagination – get creative! You can do this electronically or use a paper and pens, pencils and coloured pencils. Don’t forget – email us some pictures of your creations!


  • Write a paragraph about what you already know about Brazil.


  • Include some questions to indicate what else you would like to know about the country.