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Wednesday 6th May


Maths Training

Maths Training 1

Multiplication Worded Problems

Choose your chillli challenge and solve the calculations using formal multiplication.  

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How did you get on?

How did you get on? 1

Grammar Training

Grammar Training 1
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Yesterday you designed your own superhero. If you missed this activity click on this link to go back to the previous page 



Your task today is to use your notes to begin to write your superhero poem

Think about how to organise your poem. Below is one I have written. You can use my ideas or you can write your own from the beginning and make it even better!  

Aardvark Man  


He is a superhero! 

Aardvark Man, who not afraid of anything, is terrifying petrifying and more 

Burrowing deep into holes while sniffing the floor

He lives on a mound where he is watching for trouble 

Trying to make himself invisible which is impossible  

Stopping bank robbers when they come calling is definitely his thing  

Bank robbers hear him coming who today are often only after the ring 


In every time I have used a relative pronoun and included a rhyming pattern. 

When you write your own, you could also include adjectives, adverbs, similes etc


Topic: Italy Project


Task 4- The Human Geography of Italy


  1. Italy has some famous car manufacturers such as Fiat and Ferrari.  You need to find out where most of Italy’s industry is located and how this links to population density.

  2. Find out where most of Italy’s industry is located.  You can find information HERE, and HERE.  You should present your information by annotating a blank outline map (like you did for Task 1).  You could identify actual companies as well as general information.

  3. Write a paragraph that explains how Industry location seems to link to population density.  You can find out about population density HERE.  Not all of Italy’s densely populated areas are in the North though.  Suggest reasons for other areas of dense population.